AK-47s for Sale

The Kalashnikov, more commonly know as the AK-47, is the famous assault rifle and was originally developed in Russia. Chosin Firearms carries Arsenal/Armory, Robinson’s Armament, Kreb’s and Century Arms AK-47s. Come by the Chosin Firearms’ retail location; check out our inventory and talk to our experts to find just the right AK-47 for you.

The AK-47 is probably the most popular assault rife, and it’s made by several manufacturers around the world. Russia still produces AK-47s at Izhmash–the original producer of the rifle. China, Romania, and other Eastern Bloc countries among others all make AK-47’s. Chosin Firearms sells a variety of brands of weapons; the proof will be in feeling the grip, weight and trigger and looking down the sight.

If you are shopping for a genuine Russian AK-47s, Century arms is the official importer of Russian AK-47s. AK-47s and AK-47 style weapons have a wide price range. We carry both ”no frills” AK-47s and fully customized versions, with all the accessories you need installed. Come see our AK-47s and accessories at Chosin Firearms.