AR-15s for Sale

The AR-15 is a popular customizable semi-automatic weapon, and at Chosin Firearms we sell all the AR-15 and AR-15 style brands. Used by law enforcement and the military; the AR-15 is a dependable firearm built to last. In the 60s, the US Army adopted it as their standard weapon calling it the M16.

We carry several manufacturers of the AR-15 including: DPMS (or Defense Procurement Manufacturing Services), Remington, Colt, Ruger, Bushmaster, Armalite (the M-15 A2 and M-15), Brownells, Rock River Arms, Smith & Wesson, Barrett, Olympic Arms, Les Baer, LWRC Industries, Wilson, Double Star, POF, Sabre Defence Weapons, Yankee Hill Machine, Rainer, Panther Arms, and Stag Arms.

When sold to the general public and law enforcement, no matter the brand, it is called the AR-15. The configuration of the AR-15 is slightly different when it’s sold to civilians, mostly because the BAFTE wants to prevent the rifles from being converted to fully automatic weapons. Today, because of its popularity, there are many accessories for the AR-15, and Chosin Firearms has a wide selection to modify your weapon. We can even help you customize to an “AR-15 style pistol”; a modified version sold by Olympics Arms, Atlantic Arms, and Rock River Arms. Stop by or give us a call to get your customized or standard AR-15 from Chosin Firearms.

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